Susan Lutz Tromley lives in a beautiful Evansville neighborhood that is blooming with amazing flowers and is home to wildlife royalty - The Eagle. She takes photos regularly and shares them in the I Grew up in Evansville, Indiana Facebook group.

As you enjoy the photos, keep in mind that Susan isn't a professional photographer. She simply has a  small point-and-shoot camera and loves to share them on social media. With the amazing backdrops in her neighborhood, she could take some amazing family photoshoots, if she was in the biz!

Susan has really gotten familiar with her feathered friends. She can tell the owls apart, and that's not easy to do.

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How can you tell the male owl from the female?

" The females are bigger. It is usually hard to tell unless they are side by side. But, I have learned through watching their behavior which is which. Typically the male is more skittish and will fly away or likes to stay hidden. The female on the other hand is not afraid and will sit boldly in plain view. With this particular pair, the female spends all her time on the nest while the male sits nearby. And he has darker features. That is how I know this is Franklin. He sits just outside the nest."

Susan Lutz Tromley

Bald Eagle Fun Facts

Eagles can get up to 100 MPH when they are diving for prey. Note to self, stay out of the eagle's way.

Susan Lutz Tromley

Evansville Neighborhood Blooming with Nature Scenes

Evansville resident Susan Lutz Tromley shares the beauty of her neighborhood with stunning photographs. She was able to snap some pics of an eagle, too.