There's no way to sugarcoat this - Crumbl Cookies has laid the staple Pink Sugar Cookie to rest. No really, there was even a cookie farewell funeral on their Facebook page. True cookie fans have some serious opinions about this controversial decision.

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Opening Day

I can say that I was there the day the Evansville Crumbl Cookies location opened on South Burkhardt. The line stretched around the building nearly every day for weeks. Once I had the opportunity to try the warm, unique cookies, I could see why they are so popular.

crumbl cookies - photo: LIBERTY
crumbl cookies - photo: LIBERTY

Worth the Wait?

Let me just tell you, anytime someone brings in one of those pink boxes of goodness, the cookies immediately get cut into little pieces. Some will say it's so that we can all try different flavors, but I have been known to scoop up the pieces of my favorite that week.

crumbl tsm wjlt studio
crumbl tsm wjlt studio

I will admit that the signature chilled pink sugar cookie was not my favorite. But I was surprised to see the company's announcement that this popular flavor has been retired.

Farewell Pink Sugar Cookie

Cookie Fans React To This Major Decision

Top Fan Alyssa Michelle Shirley:
"How yall got a pink box and no pink cookie.
How yall keep a mediocre chocolate chip and not something that is iconic.

Asia Ross

"I don’t care for pink sugar cookies. It’s fine by me to leave the rotation. Contrary to popular opinion, the milk chocolate chip is my FAVORITE. Please don’t listen to the calls for it to be gotten rid of. MILK CHOCOLATE FOR THE WIN!!!!"

"Wishing this were an April Fool's joke. Where they show up on Monday with PURPLE frosting instead of pink. GOTCHA! Alas, goodbye favorite cookie and goodbye Crumbl. My future thinner body appreciates this terrible decision."
Here's an idea from Chad Garber:
"Those cookies lost me with the almond flavoring. Blue monster featuring Chips ahoy should be a weekly staple. Actually, customers should have the vote on what cookies are on the last week of the month."
And Crumbl Cookies answered Chad:
 "Chad, this is a great idea! Send in your idea to"

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