I have two amazing dogs that would love to go on more walks than they get to. My neighborhood is not people or pet-walking-friendly. I came across some information that proves I'm not alone when it comes to finding a good spot to walk our dogs.

Wagging Woes

Don't get me wrong, I see people walking their dogs on my street daily, but they are literally in the street. We don't have sidewalks, and the road is pretty narrow, so it's a challenge to watch for cars.


My second option is to load them up and take them over to the Deaconess Sports Park. There is a very nice paved walking area, and even if there are games going on it's not too crowded. I did have a run-in with an angry goose, so just watch out for that.

Best Cities to Walk Dogs 2024

Lawn Starter puts a lot of research into the best and worst cities to walk dogs every year.  Colorado Springs, CO tops the list for the best city for walking dogs, and number two on the list is San Francisco, CA.

Worst Cities to Walk Dogs 2024


Evansville, Indiana is ranked 462 out of the 477 cities listed in the 2024 stats. That lands Evansville at number six on the top 10 worst cities to walk our doggies. There is a lot of research that goes into these rankings, but a big factor is the number of dog-friendly trails and off-leash parks. There are plans in the works for another off-leash dog park, so maybe next year Evansville will land in the best list.

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