It may feel like we are on the other side of the pandemic, but for some small businesses, it's too late. The toll of increasing food prices and the cost of almost everything going up is the reason that one of our favorite lunch spots is closing.

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty

Downtown Evansville Staple

For over forty years, Emge's Deli & Diner was a go-to spot for folks that live and work in Downtown Evansville. Over a year ago, the owners decided to vacate their downtown location, and move over to the Northside, off of 1st Avenue. You can see more about that move below.

Emge's Deli, Pizza and Ice Cream Facebook
Emge's Deli, Pizza and
Ice Cream Facebook

Victim of Pandemic

You have probably returned to work, and unless you own your own business, it might feel like COVID didn't affect much. But small businesses are feeling the sting of higher costs, and that makes for some tough decisions. Do you continue to increase the cost of your products, and risk losing loyal customers? Or do you hang in there, hoping to eventually breakeven? The heartbreaking decision to close is one that the owners of Emge's Deli didn't want to make.

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emge's social post
emge's social post

Last May, 2021, Emge's Deli made the big move to a larger location on Evansville's Northside.

The business has operated in Downtown Evansville since 1932. Jan Howell and her husband Tom bought the business in 1975 from Vic Emge. In 1995, they moved to their current location, 206 Main Street. Tracie Casey-Jones became the owner in 2018.

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