Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? We haven't at my house, at least not yet. I'm just waiting for my wife to ask me to bring all of our decorations down from the attic. I imagine that request will happen any day now.

The decorating has already begun in downtown Evansville, especially up and down the Main Street walkway - and the city's official Christmas tree is being put into place as we speak/type/read. This year's tree is a 30-foot-tall Norway Spruce, and it was donated by Allison Hamilton and her family. Once again this year, crews from SKANSKA and CenterPoint Energy helped cut down the tree and transported it into downtown Evansville. Once the tree is set up in front of the Civic Center, the job of hanging nearly 25,000 lights begins. Those lights, by the way, were donated by Advanced Network and Computer Services. And, of course, the official Evansville city tree would not be complete without a big, bright 'e' on top to remind us all that everyone is welcome in Evansville.

Evansville Tree Lighting Ceremony

Everyone is invited to attend the lighting of the official Evansville Christmas tree on Wednesday, November 17th at 5pm in front of the Civic Center. The Evansville Children's Choir will be there, filling the air with the sounds of the season. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will be on hand as well, giving a few remarks before flipping the switch.

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The Christmas tree will remain on display in front of the Civic Center building through the holiday season and will be removed sometime after January 1, 2022.

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