- by Alison Petrash

Grin, an Evansville branding agency, supported by local sponsors ProRehab and Turoni’s Pizzeria, is planning a 300-mile bike ride in late September. The ride will raise awareness about the EVSC Student Response Fund, intended to address the basic unmet needs of students. The aggressive fundraising goal is $50,000. The need is great.

In the last few years, the need for clothing in response to homelessness or immediate foster care moves is increasing. So is the number of families who fail to qualify for the free lunch program but who still struggle to pay for their children’s meals at school.

These issues, an annual cycle, are on the rise.

Part of the Student Response Fund’s mission is designed specifically to identify those students in immediate need, and direct funds where they can make the most difference in a student’s experience in school and at home.

Cyclists from Grin will ride from their Evansville office on September 28th, and arrive at their Chicago office on October 1st.

Grin’s goal is to help a greater number of students, and their families, who are in need. They hope to do this by getting ahead of the increasing demand for funds within the EVSC Foundation Student Response Fund.

When a student’s most basic needs are met, there is a greater chance they will face the school day with the dignity and confidence that is vital to their well-being.

“A student who faces basic needs issues, through no fault of their own, deserves help from those who are able,” says Phil Mowrey, Senior Partner + Brand Builder at Grin.

Contributions can be made online at go.rallyup.com/viciouscycle in the form of a one-time donation, a pledge per mile, or both. Contact Hannah Mowrey at hannah@grin.agency with questions.


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