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Canva/Melissa TSM
Canva/Melissa TSM

Rekindling a Passion for Books

Over the last year, I've become a huge fan of reading.  Personally, I've always had issues with anxiety, and doom scrolling my phone was getting to be a problem.  I decided to pick up reading again.  I always loved reading when I was younger until I got into high school and college and had to read for school.

About a year ago I picked up reading again, and it's become my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day.  The hardest part about reading for me is deciding which book to read next because my "to be read" list is a mile long.  One local bookstore has a unique offering to help with that reading slump.

Your Brother's Bookstore Blind Date With a Book

In 2021 a quaint bookstore opened its doors on the Main Street Walkway in Downtown Evansville.  Your Brother's Bookstore is owned by two brothers, Sam and Adam Morris who had a dream of bringing a locally owned, family-friendly bookstore to downtown Evansville so they made that dream a reality.

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan

The other day my husband and I stopped into Your Brother's Bookstore, and I noticed they had a section of books that were wrapped up and had a brief synopsis on the front. They called it a blind date with a book, and  I loved the idea of picking out a book without knowing the title or seeing the cover first!   This is the blind date book I picked out:


If you can't read the image, the synopsis for this blind date book says:

Blind date with a screenwriter who might be a

Funny, violent, and thoughtful.

Written by a multi-Emmy Award Winning writer.

If Bukowski and Palahniuk had a kid, and then that kid workd for TMZ, you would have this author.

Perfect for people who enjoyed The Body Snatchers, horror comedy, popstars wielding guns, snarky lead characters and lovable psychos.

Imagine waking  up and you have a new hand.  Then the next day, a new arm.  They work just fine, but the are definitely not yours.  Eventually, chaos is introduced and things get wild.

When I saw the description "funny, violent, thoughtful"  I was in.  I love a good horror comedy.  I couldn't wait to get into the car and unwrap my surprise book.  Let me tell you I was NOT disappointed.  This is a book that I would have never picked up on its own. I have only just started it, but the first chapter already had me laughing out loud, and I think this book and I are going to get along just fine! I don't want to give it away in case you're interested in taking a blind date with a book, but if you're dying to read this book and know what it is, you can find out here.

I love the blind date with a book idea because it's such a simple way to break out of your reading comfort zone and get out of a reading slump. You can learn more about Your Brother's Bookstore, here.

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