As the new Special Projects Coordinator for the Evansville Police Department, Taylor Merriss has some pretty big shoes to fill. Taylor has replaced Phil Smith, who is now the EPD's new Assistant Chief. Truth be told, Phil is such a unique character that there's no way that Taylor, or anyone else for that matter, could 'fill' his shoes - it's more like you just need to find a new pair of shoes. Regardless of the footwear, I think Taylor is gonna be just fine.

Taylor joined us the other day on the MY Morning Show to tell us about what she does as the Special Programs Coordinator. Once we were done discussing cop stuff, it was time to get to the really important stuff - what movie describes your 2021. It's a simple formula, really - what movie was #1 the year you turned 21? Well, of course, that's silly - there's no way that can be true, right? For most of us, I would agree that's just a fun thing to think about - but in Liberty's case, it might just be pretty accurate. When you hear her answer to the question, you'll probably say "yeah, that sounds about right."

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 Learning what Taylor's movie was led to an amusing, but not all surprising discovery - Liberty has never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and it's hilarious to hear her talk about them. Take a listen to our conversation below.

Our friends from the Evansville Police Department will join us every week, most likely on Wednesday morning, for a recurring segment we're calling 'You Down With EPD?" Just to be clear, the appropriate response is "Yeah, You Know Me!"

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