There are a couple of "on everyone's radar" kind of topics that might need a little clarification right now. I'm talking about the legal aspects of doing your own fireworks show this weekend, and the new 'hands free' law that goes into effect on July 1st. And who better to tell us about these topics than the Evansville Police Department's Public Information Officer Nick Wisnett.

For the rest of this week, and through Saturday, fireworks are allowed to be set off within city limits, but that doesn't mean you can set them off whenever and wherever you want. It's important to know the city ordinances if you plan on putting on a show. It's also important to know in case you feel like pulling a 'Karen' and calling the cops to complain about noise in your neighborhood. You need to know what your neighbors are and aren't allowed to do. Officer Winsett will explain.

Also, July 1st will mark the beginning of a new way of life for drivers that want to obey the law. The new 'hands free' law says that no one can use a hand held device while driving. Are there any exceptions? Is there any device you can use? Will you get a ticket if you're caught using your phone? All good questions that Officer Winsett addresses in our interview.

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