Almost three months ago our Downtown lunch staple announced they were moving north. According to their social media, the new location is almost ready to go. There are a lot of hoops to jump through in order to open a new restaurant location.

The building has to be inspected and signed off on by a number of entities like the Fire Marshal and the Health Inspector. One of the biggest parts of the inspection always seems to be the grease trap. I've heard so many owners and managers complain about that! But as of today May 4, 2021, the inspection is complete, and there will be an update on their Facebook page this Friday.

The new address for Emge's Deli and Diner is 3848 North First Ave. That's in the Northbrook Shopping Center, down from Schnucks, and across from Old National Bank.

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Screenshot Google Maps

My new healthy lifestyle lists pickles as a free food, like a vegetable. I'm just not sure I am brave enough to replace all bread and buns with a pickle!

Emge's Deli, Pizza and Ice Cream Facebook
Emge's Deli, Pizza and
Ice Cream Facebook

Everyone in the Downtown area misses Emge's, but this gives us a reason to venture over to the Northside.

The business has operated in Downtown Evansville since 1932. Jan Howell and her husband Tom bought the business in 1975 from Vic Emge. In 1995, they moved to their current location, 206 Main Street. Tracie Casey-Jones became the owner in 2018.  Thanks for all the memories and for being a vital part of Downtown for all these years, Emge’s!

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