The DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - ECONOMIC DISTRICT is teasing us with a new display that is coming soon. We have so many unique photo ops in Downtown Evansville, that it's basically a photographer's dream destination in the Tri-State. From Game Room Alley to Self.eAlley, there is no shortage of cool backdrops.

Seasonally, the giant Christmas decorations have been a hit, and the giant heart for Valentine's Day is also great for grads. We have beautiful murals and storefronts, too. Someone should film a movie about life in Downtown Evansville...

But, but to the announcement at hand. It looks like something pretty spectacular is in the works, especially if it's going to take two days to install. 'Love & Light' doesn't have an announced location or date yet. Follow Downtown Evansville on social media, and of course, we will keep you updated!

Also, don't forget, Outside the Gift Box's Final Days sale continues with 50 - 75% off everything in the store. March 31 will be their last day open.

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Before we know it, spring events will begin! Here's the list of what to expect this year: Downtown Evansville Announces 2021 Dates for 15 Signature Events

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