One of my favorite things about downtown Evansville is how the area is constantly growing.  I started working for Townsquare Media (the company that owns 103 GBF) in 2010, and our location has been in the downtown area since before I began here.  I love getting to work downtown, but it's truly amazing how much downtown has changed over the years.  I've watched the Main Street Walkway grow, and I've seen plenty of businesses open over the last 11 years of working down here.  I'm excited for this new addition coming to downtown Evansville as it's one we don't have down here yet, a bookstore.

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The Bookstore is called Your-Brother's Bookstore.  Your-Brother's Bookstore is owned by two brothers, Sam and Adam Morris who had a dream of bringing a locally owned, family-friendly bookstore to downtown Evansville.  According to their website, they are planning on being open by October 1st, 2021. Sam Morris took to Facebook to make the following announcement:

We got the keys today, so it's time to officially make the announcement. Adam and I have been working our butts off over the last few months to build a business.
I'm pleased to announce that Your Brother's Bookstore will be coming to Downtown Evansville this year. We'll carry new books, rare and signed copies, lots of children's books, and book-lovin paraphernalia. Come and see us!
Our website can be found at ,
we have a Facebook page at Your Brother's Bookstore. and we're @ybbookstore on Twitter. Check us out!
This is definitely something awesome coming to downtown, and it sounds like the perfect addition to the Main Street Walkway. I can't wait to stop in and check out their selection of books, and I may just have to take a break from work to sneak over and read for a little bit!

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