School will be back in session very soon. That means you will be seeing those school buses full of kids on the roadways.So, it's a good time to get a little refresher when it comes to the rules of the road with school buses.

First off, it is ILLEGAL to run a school bus stop sign. Sometimes kids coming off the bus will cross in front of it and cross the street, that stop sign is there so all traffic stops to keep the kids safe. If you run the stop sign, you risk the chance of putting a child at danger, and getting yourself a ticket. Take this case from earlier this year for example.

Indiana State Police Sargent Todd Ringle took to Twitter to give you a friendly reminder about those school bus stop signs. It's something that everyone should be aware of by now, but it never fails, every year I see someone pass by a bus with the stop sign out. DON'T DO THAT! This is what you should do when a bus is stopped with the stop sign out:


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