So, Chase's birthday is a few weeks away, and I've finally planned his party. Usually I just create a FB event and invite everyone that way.

This year, I decided to get fancy, and I have paper invitations (Envelopes & all, super fancy) I know that if I send the invites to school with Chase, he has to invite the whole class, which is about 30 kids. But wait a minute, do I really have to invite Everyone? According to the school, yes. What about the bullies, or not so nice kids? Yes, even them. I understand that we don't want any kid to feel left out, but I also don't want Chase to feel obligated to invite someone that makes fun of everyone. Chances are, the kids that don't get along won't even show up.

Chase's 8th Party Photo by Liberty

Throwing a party can be very expensive, too. Even if you have it at your home. By the time you decorate, buy food, ect. the more kids you invite, the more you will spend. Is it fair for families that cannot afford to pay for every child? I feel like it should be up to the child & parents to decide who to invite. I know I could just mail each invitation, but seriously, who has that many stamps laying around the house? There's a good chance no one would be invited, because I always drive around with stuff to mail, and always forget! We'll try the "Invite the whole class" way, and I'll let you now how that goes!!