One of my kiddos has a ton of earwax -- the brown wax is visible unless it's cleaned out every day. I heard about ear wax candles and decided to try it.

I thought if I get out all the wax in his ear, then there won't be so much that collects in his giant ear canal. We have been battling this for a while now and last week he told me a kid at school made fun of his because of his ear wax.

Well after my heart was put back together, I went out and got these ear wax candles.

We started in my bedroom and moved to the garage because the flame was getting high and it was pretty smokey.

It took about 7 minutes to burn down.

We cut it open and this is what we saw. EWWW.

I know that you need ear wax or your body wouldn't have it so I have no idea if this is a good idea or not.

To answer "if it worked"-- it pulled ear wax out of his ear. The question will be it this slows down the collection of ear way in his ear canal.

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