Anyone who knows me knows that I love eating apples - everyday.  So, recently I started throwing my apple cores in the backyard thinking a critter - maybe a bird - would eat it. But, I found out it was a different critter!  

Squirrel eating an apple core, credit by Deb Turner

I found out that the birds weren't eating them or even pecking on them for the seeds or fruit!  I discovered another critter had invaded our backyard and was taking my bitten-to-the-core apples.

To my surprise, there has been a squirrel snatching up my apples and taking them to a comfortable nook in our maple tree.  And, sometimes he/she eats it like corn on the cob!  haha!

Squirrel eating an apple; credit by Deb Turner

Do you throw away food/fruit in your backyard in hopes a hungry animal will eat it?