Remember back in March when we were all starting to feel anxious about this new virus called Corona? As more information was made available to us, it was obvious that COVID-19 was going to change not only 2020, but history as well.

States jumped into action, and closed schools, restaurants, businesses, and sent everyone home to work. Phew. We thought it was safe to come out, have little parties with our friends and families, and get used to this new normal. But, COVID isn't finished yet. In fact, we are just now seeing the highest number of cases in the Tri-State, since the pandemic began. How is this possible?

I have friends and family that have let their guard down, and didn't wear a mask while socializing. It really is something that simple that is creating this surge. Indiana Governor Holcomb doesn't think that a shutdown is order again. We all just need to do our parts to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

COVID-19 affects everyone differently. I know this first-hand. My son had a temperature for 2 weeks, and said he had never felt worse. He slept through his 13th birthday. Thanks, COVID. I've been dealing with all kinds of symptoms since October 23. I've never been more exhausted, most food don't taste right, I have no appetite, severe brain fog, the worst headaches of my life, COVID toes, and the list goes on. My immune system got a little too hyped about fighting COVID, resulting in pneumonia. Fortunately, I have managed to stay out of the hospital, thanks to antibiotics (pills and shots) steroids, and some other medications to manage symptoms. Interestingly, 99.3 is the highest my temperature has been through all of this.

Sadly, a lot of COVID patients are not surviving. This is why it is so important to follow the simple guidelines. Our local medical professionals are dealing with the highest number of cases, and this is putting a strain on them and hospital capacity. Just in the past six days, Deaconess has reported over 200 positive cases everyday.

Here is the complete statement released by Deaconess on Tuesday, November 10, 2020:

Local and regional COVID-19 trends are very concerning. Deaconess is experiencing the highest volumes of COVID-19 patients to date, with multiple hospitals approaching capacity. Yesterday, Deaconess Regional Laboratory tested more than 1,450 people—a record-high number; over the past six days, we have had more than 200 positive test results per day. As shown in the ISDH website for district 10, hospital admissions reached a new peak, with 217 patients hospitalized as of Sunday.

These increasing positive cases will likely lead to hospital capacity that is strained or could be exceeded. Currently, about 20% of local positive COVID-19 patients are requiring hospital admission; one in four hospitalized patients will require ICU care. Hospital admissions tend to be 10-20 days after diagnosis, which means these current high number of cases will lead to large numbers of hospitalized patients in the coming weeks.

Again, these rapidly-increasing volumes of diagnosed and hospitalized COVID-19 patients are very concerning. We are asking for support from our community to help reduce spread and overall illness by limiting gatherings to very small circles, wearing a mask and social distancing at all times while around people outside your household, getting a flu shot, and considering alternative plans for the upcoming holidays.

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