I have some sad news to share about Dawnita Wilkerson. Her daughter, Kiara Whitledge claims on social media that she has been murdered. The family cannot share any other information, because this is still an open investigation.

She is still listed on the Indiana Missing Person Bulletin.

"There is a lot that we can’t share because for one people are watching & secondly we have been asked not to by the detectives so the case is not interfered with. We are mourning the loss of our mom ( and yes unfortunately they found evidence to support the suspicion that she was murdered AND THAT IS ALL THAT WE CAN SHARE RIGHT NOW)" - Kiara Whiteledge 

44 year-old Dawnita was first reported missing from Evansville in June of 2020. A missing person's report was filed with the Evansville Police Department on June 22, 2020. Her family shared their story on social media, local flyers, multiple missing person sites, and it has made the national news.

I reached out to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin, to see if his department could confirm this claim.

"I just spoke with our detective office and we have nothing new on our end, so I’m not sure what this in reference to. I know our detectives are in close contact with the family, so we will find out if they have new information." - Billy Bolin

Detective’s Office: 812-426-7979

Case Number: 20-11322

Tip Hotline: 812-435-6194

Email: finddawnitawilkerson@gmail.com

MY 105.3 Is in contact with authorities about this case. When the detectives have any other details confirming this claim, or otherwise we will update this article.

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