Well, I learned a lesson in video game consoles yesterday, and it is definitely worth sharing with my fellow parents. My son Chase has been asking for a Nintendo SWITCH for a while now, and I broke down and bought him one at Evansville Toys & Games.

It Pays to Shop Local

I've been researching the Nintendo consoles and trying to figure out where I could get the best price. I was heading to a big box store until I checked out Evansville Toys & Games Facebook page. Our friend Daniel Barritt had one in stock at a great price, so I'm really happy that I remembered to shop local!

 SWITCH Drama Ensues

Much like any Liberty story, this one doesn't end with any drama. I was excited to set up the SWITCH before Chase was home, and that would've happened IF I could've guessed the previous owner's 4 digit code, or simply called the customer service line before I spent over an hour trying to figure it out. As it turns out, the parental controls had the SWITCH locked, preventing me from doing a complete reset. I filled out the online form, but their site thought my zip code was wrong...OK. So, I asked my husband if he would please call and get it fixed because it was way past my naptime. Within 3 minutes it was good as new - Lesson learned!

Reset Your Device Before You Sell It

What did we learn here? If you plan on selling any digital device, you really need to completely reset it. Usually, there is an option to return to factory settings. If you can't figure out how to do it, search Youtube for tutorials. That's literally how I figured it out!

What Happens When You Buy a Locked Nintendo Switch

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