The Indianapolis Colts will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City this Saturday, January 12th. The probability that my husband, Mike and I will be shouting during the game is 100%.  Thankfully, no children will be nearby.  

I'm not gonna go through all the stats of the Colts or the Chiefs because let's face it, the guys can do that.  I'm here to tell you it's gonna be a great game. My household will be divided because I follow the Colts and Mike follows the Chiefs.

The Colts are 10-6 and the Chiefs are 12-4, and honestly, I didn't think the Colts had a chance this season to get as far as they have!  But, a lot of Colts fans are super happy, right?

Tomorrow when the AFC Divisional Playoff Game starts at 3:35 pm on NBC, there will be some tension between Mike and I - of course, all in fun. But, I can tell you there will be some shouting and screaming from the both of us!  lol.  I'm not even kidding! Good luck Colts!

Here's some pics of Mike and I wearing our favorite football teams' jackets at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Football Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio; credit by Deb Turner

Pictured below:  Just having fun drinking my favorite beverage after a Colts win!  lol.

Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH; Loving my favorite beverage after a Colts win! - credit by Deb Turner

Wearing my new Colts light-up hat proudly!

Colts light up hat; credit by Colts Fan, D. Turner