A few weeks ago, Houston Texans rookie line backer, Jadeveon Clowney appeared on NFL Fan Pass where he said his goal this season is to sack Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. It's a goal Colts punter, Pat McAfee has an issue with.

McAfee appeared on NFL Network last week for a quick feature called "Standing Pat", where he took his allotted time to let Clowney know that he will make meeting that goal as difficult as possible.

Clearly McAfee is doing what he always does, having a little fun. However, considering how the punter clearly isn't afraid to put his body in harm's way and make a tackle when needed, I'd like to see a scenario where he gets a shot at Clowney. I'm confident it wouldn't end well for McAfee, but it will still be fun to see him try.

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