Sudie knows what love is.  She recently gave birth to three puppies and is also helping to nurse two little kittens!  

After I read this story about Sudie the chihuahua dachshund mix, I had to share it with you because it's not everyday we hear about a dog helping to nurse kittens!

Sudie's breed is a Chiweenie and she gave birth to three pups on February 5th.  Shortly afterwards, Jessa McCauley, office manager for pet rescue for it Takes a Village, found out that a momma cat couldn't nurse two of her newborn kittens.

So Jessa introduced the two newborn kitties to Sudie and fortunately, the kittens were able to get some nourishment. How adorable!

"When animals have babies they have some pretty strong maternal instincts," McCauley said. "I was hoping Sudie would let the kittens nurse, but it's more about just having that maternal presence — a warm, nurturing place for them to be."

Thankfully and luckily, those baby kittens are getting some tender loving care!

It Takes a Village will be looking to find a fur-ever home for Sudie, her puppies, and the two kittens in about two months.

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