Never would I have imagined that we would be having this conversation today.  I mean I get there are some interesting breakfast choices out there but I can honestly say I never saw this one coming.

If I did have to choose my favorite type of food breakfast would be at the top of the list.  There are so many different delicious options it is hard not to love them.  Well, the fine folks at Jimmy Dean have decided to add to that list by giving you breakfast chicken nuggets.  Don’t worry, they have made their own special modifications to ensure these nuggets actually are good for breakfast.

Jimmy Dean will be offering two variations of their Breakfast Nuggets.  One being a classic breakfast combo of sausage, egg, and cheese and the other will be chicken sausage, egg, and cheese.  Both options will be are held together by an egg patty that is rolled in a bread crumb coating to give it the nugget look we all know and love.

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These breakfast chicken nuggets remind me of the breakfast corn dog Jimmy Dean has.  If you don’t know what that is it’s a sausage link wrapped in a pancake on a stick.  They are actually pretty delicious.  So, I have no doubt that these new “chicken nuggets” will be too.

A quick side note:  If you are curious as to what sauces you should use to accompany your Breakfast Nuggets, it is recommended that you use ketchup or maple syrup.

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