Chick-fil-A lovers in Warrick County will soon be able to get their favorite chicken sandwich without having to drive to Evansville's east side as the company has submitted paperwork with the state of Indiana to build a new location in Newburgh.

Evansville 411 News on Facebook, a local page that tracks commercial developments in the Tri-State area first reported the company was looking to expand into Warrick County back on August 13th.

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On Thursday afternoon (August 24th, 2023) they confirmed plans for the new location were moving forward after discovering the company had filed documents with the state for construction. According to Evansville 411 News, the new location will be just over 5,100 square feet and will be located at 8091 Park Place Drive between the Sherman-Williams paint store and Raben Tire.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new location will be the company's first in Warrick County and its sixth in the area. It currently has one location on the University of Southern Indiana campus, another on the University of Evansville campus, one inside Eastland Mall, and two stand-alone stores; one on Indiana Street off of Cross Pointe Boulevard that consistently has three rows of drive-thru traffic wrapped around its building, and the most recent location on the lot that was once home to Burger King at the corner of Rosenberger Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway on Evansville's east side.

As Evansville 411 News mentioned in its post on Thursday afternoon, no information in terms of when construction will begin or when the location will open, but with a location set, I would guess sometime in the first half of 2024 if construction begins before the end of this year. However, that is purely speculation on my part. Once the information is revealed, you can bet Evansville 411 News will be the first to report it.

[Source: Evansville 411 News on Facebook]

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