Nothing beats good food, right?  Well, maybe except for free food.  Unless it’s good free food then you have hit the jackpot.  Sorry, I’m rambling.  Anyway, imagine getting free food from different restaurants every single day.  Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  But how would you pull this off?  Don’t worry someone has already figured it out.

So, this might be a little unethical.  But it’s still a genius idea.  A TikToker has recently spilled the beans on how he was/is able to get free food every single day.  All it takes is a fake email, a spreadsheet, and 365 different birthdays.  Noah Wille admitted that he is subscribed to a ton of different restaurant mailing lists.  For each subscription, he has a different birthday.  That way he is able to get some sort of free food item every day.  As I said, it might be a bit unethical but you have to admit it’s a pretty ingenious idea.

The spreadsheet helps him keep track of which birthday goes with what restaurant.  At least he likes to stay organized!  If you go check out the huge TikTok he posted explain all of this, you’ll see that he takes you through the whole process of scamming restaurants out of free food.  It’s pretty easy to do but very, very time-consuming.  You have to earn that free food.

Now, Noah did give a good reason as to why he started this food scam.  Basically, he had just moved to Los Angeles and every penny counted.  So, instead of worrying about buying food or worrying if he could afford something, he thought of his fake birthday plot.  You have to give him credit for the ingenuity.

This may be one of the funniest/most interesting things I’ve heard of someone doing.  I’ll give him props for being able to pull it off for quite a while.  However, with how much attention this TikToc has gotten I doubt he’ll be able to keep going forever.  Who knows though?  The right person will see it and we get some huge sponsorship or endorsement from someone and finding food will never be an issue again.

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