Every Valentine's Day, the students at Chandler Elementary celebrate by hosting classroom Friendship parties. The kids enjoy swapping Valentines, sweet snacks, games, and crafts that they usually take home to their parents. And, as a parent who receives lots and lots of artwork and crafts, I can say I just love these little tokens but I certainly don't mind spreading the love!

The students in Mrs. Heather Duncan's classroom spent their craft time doing something a little different this past Vday. Each student made paper flowers and speciality Valentines for the residents of Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center and Nursing Home in Newburgh. Wyatt Nolan and his mom Terri passed out the craft to each of the 75 residents who received a flower and a Valentine.

I love seeing kiddos doing kind things for others - especially our elderly friends who don't always receive tokens of love on Valentine's Day.

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