Our FUN committee here at Townsquare Media gave us all a challenge which began yesterday on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Everyone was invited to make a homemade, handcrafted Valentine bag to hold our Valentine's Day cards and other goodies. Easy enough right?

So, while fumbling around making my Valentine's Day bag, a little boy just wandered into the room and asked me what I was doing.  (His dad was picking up some tickets at our receptionist desk.)

Ethan was only 4 years old and decided that I needed some help!  (Boy, did I ever!)  He showed me that I needed to add some stickers, some glue, tape, and more!  lol.  He was adorable!  Thank you, Ethan for helping me to design my Valentine's Day bag.  You are one terrific, creative, and bright little boy!

Here's my beautiful Valentine's Day bag co-designed by Ethan! I'm pretty sure mine is extra special!

Valentine's Day Bag co-designed by 4 yr. old Ethan; credit by Deb Turner
Ethan & Deb making a Valentine's Day Bag; credit by Deb Turner
Deb's Valentine's Day Bag; credit by Deb Turner

Happy Valentine's Day from MY 105.3 WJLT!