My friend Lori Adams came to visit us today to teach us some Cockney Rhyming Slang. Bobby loves dialect and impersonations, so I knew he would love this surprise! Fun Fact: Adele speaks with cockney slang.

Lori grew up 45 minutes from London and moved to the United States last year. We are Crossfit friends, and we always have fun talking about the differences in our language. Today she joined us and quizzed us to see if we could guess what the slang meant. Now I want to know if you can get a few correct. Have fun! Cockney Slang originated in the St Mary-le-Bow church of east London. If you were within earshot of the bow bells, you're a Cockney, and they typically spoke this slang.

What do you think these phrases mean? Answers at the bottom.
1. Apples and pears
2. Adam and Eve
3. Barney Rubble
4. Dog and Bone
5. Yam Jar
6. Mince Pies
7. Trouble and Strife


1. Apples and pears - Stairs " Ok kids, go up the apples and pears and get ready for bed."
2. Adam and Eve - Believe "I just can't Adam and Eve it!"
3. Barney Rubble - Big trouble "Ohh, we're in barney rubble now"
4. Dog and Bone - Phone "Get your dog and bone and let's go, Mate!"
5. Jam Jar - Car "Where did you park the jam jar?"
6. Mince Pies -  Eyes "You have beautiful minced pies."
7. Trouble and Strife - Wife "Get home to your trouble and strife before you get in barney and rubble!"

How did you do?!

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