Build-A-Bear is really celebrating National Hug Day this year. In honor of this special day (January 21st) they have named singer/songwriter Jason Mraz to be their first ever Hug AmBEARsador.

On Friday, January 18th they are releasing an exclusive Jason Mraz bear that features the National Hug Day logo and Jason's autographed embroidered on the paw. That bear will be part of a special bundle that includes an exclusive album called Hugs, Hearts & Happiness which features some Build-A-Bear kids singing some of Jason Mraz's hits. You can buy the album separately if you don't want to the bear. There will be some other specially-priced animals available on January 20th and 21st.

And to help Mraz in his many social efforts, Build-A-Bear will donate $10,000 to the Jason Mraz Foundation who's mission is to "shine for inclusive arts education and the advancement of equality. Our purpose is to cause peace in the world."

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