In today's world, our children's safety at school is a number one concern. Parents of Castle High School parents received an email correspondence from the school Principal, Jim Hood in reference to a gun that was brought into the school. The email states that the weapon may still be in the school. For that reason, and exercising extreme caution, classes are canceled for Friday, September 2, 2022.

Dear CHS Families,

Earlier Thursday evening, WCSC administrators were informed of the possibility that a gun was brought into Castle High School multiple times this week and that the weapon may still be in the school. Warrick County Sheriff’s Deputies and school administrators searched the school throughout Thursday evening and as of early this morning, the gun has not been located.


Due to the uncertainty regarding the location of the gun, as well as an abundance of caution, Castle High School will be closed for classes on Friday, September 2nd. WCSC will communicate with families as soon as updated information becomes available.


Jim Hood


Castle High School

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