The Borrowed Hearts Foundation has helped over 555 foster children this year. Their mission is to lead the efforts in which every foster family attains the rights to clothing, hygiene, development, and a loving support system.

Donations are coming in so fast right now, they need extra volunteers to help sort everything. If you have some time to help, call (812) 602-5551.

If you would like to purchase items, you can see the current needs on AMAZON.
Every time someone new visits our store the reactions are the same.
“Wow! I had no idea you this much!” or “I didn’t realize it was this big!” The foster families are so grateful for the resources. Donors are impressed with our facility, a place to donate to children in need instead of to a place that will profit from it. Volunteers enjoy sorting donations and working with families in our store. But there is so much more to Borrowed Hearts than just a clothing bank.
Here is what goes on behind the scenes of our organization. Every single member of our board is a foster or adoptive parent. Every single person who “works” in our store does so for free, no one is paid for running our organization(Not even me, the founder/CEO). We run Borrowed Hearts because we live the foster parent life, we understand the needs, and we believe in our mission. We all have families of our own, many of us work outside the home as well. If not for the support of our community and our amazing volunteers we could never do what we do. Everything in our store has been donated to us and is given to foster families completely free. We provide clothing, hygiene needs, shoes, baby gear, toys, beds, blankets, meals, support group and so much more. Our store is a “safe” zone for foster families. They can come in and shop while the kids play. They don’t have to explain why they have so many kids with them or why they are all different skin tones. They can cry on our shoulders when things are tough and they need encouragement to get through the day. They can ask advice when situations arise that they've never encountered before. They can relax and know they are surrounded by others who walk in their shoes everyday. And the kid- oh the joy they bring! I so wish everyone could see the smiles on their faces when they pick out a special toy or blanket. Something that is just theirs, when everything familiar has been stripped away. I could not be more proud of what Borrowed Hearts is doing and what the future holds for us. In 2017, we served 883 children. As we look ahead to 2018, I hope you will consider partnering with us whether financially, by donating goods or volunteering in our store. God Bless!

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