Janet Dellaria of Trout Creek, Michigan founded School Principals’ Day to recognize all the dedicated leaders in schools from elementary through high school. It is celebrated May 1st. We decided to celebrate it by recognizing the Principals at our children's schools.

Our first stop was Helfrich Park Stem Academy, where Bobby's son, Oliver, is a 6th grader. Principal Dr. Cory Herrin was very excited to see us, because we surprised him with concert tickets, to see Amy Grant. Bobby, by the way, is quite the rock star here!

Cory Herrin, Principal Helfrich Park

Our next stop was Bobby's daughter's school, Reitz. Mrs. Elizabeth Carnahan was in a meeting when we arrived, but we made sure her prizes were safe with her assistant.

Photo: Bobby G.

Next, we drove across town to Oak Hill Elementary, where my son, Chase, is in the 5th grade. Marissa Zimmer is the Principal, and a little bird told her that it was her special day, but she had no idea we were coming to surprise her!


Marissa Zimmer