This week Liberty and I took the MY Morning Show Road Trip to the Donut Bank on First Avenue. I was eyeballing the massive selection of donuts and was pretty sure I'd go with some of my normal selections - a tiger tale and maybe a cinnamon roll. That's when my friend Chynna told me that Donut Bank has a new Peanut Butter & Jelly long john. Needless to say (I'll say it anyway), I had to have it - and I had to share the experience with you.

You'll have to excuse the childish giggling right before my first bite. I think Liberty and I were still a little tired and a little over-caffeinated. I was briefly distracted from the task at hand. I finally pulled myself together and took a bite, and I must say it was really yummy. I don't know how long the PB&J long john will be around, but I definitely recommend it. Make sure you have a big glass of milk to go with it!

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