It’s recently been announced that the Indiana BMV will be re-instituting administrative penalty (late) fees as of July 1st.  So, you have until June 30th to get to your local branch if you have any impending title transactions, license renewals, etc.  Sounds simple enough but you do have to make an appointment.  No walk-ins are available at this time.  Or at least until the beginning of next week.  

Luckily, if there are things you need to take care of the BMV they will be allowing walk-ins starting June 15th.  Branches will be able to complete all of its services expect for driving skills test.  Those will return at a later time.  At the moment most BMV branches will go back to a five-day schedule.  Being open Tuesday through Saturday at their normal hours.  You are still able to schedule appointments during this time if you’d like. 

For what it’s worth I would suggest making an appointment.  Especially if you are worried about getting any of your business handled before the wave on the late fees is lifted.  Something else to keep in mind is that even though branches will be operating somewhat normally, the well-being of customers and employees is a top priority.  

This means that there will only be a certain amount people inside each branch at a time.  Customers are not required to wear mask but it strongly recommended.  Employees, however, are required to wear masks while servicing customers.   

As I said earlier, I would highly recommend scheduling and appointment for the time being.  Just for the fact that it may save you quite a bit of time.  But I suggest scheduling ASAP because they may be pretty booked up already. 

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