This is a great example of how supporting local really helps our community.

Photo: Canva | BE HAPPY PIE CO
Photo: Canva | BE HAPPY PIE CO

Congratulations to Be Happy Pie Company

It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a career change, start a new business from scratch, and gain the support of the community.

Jenny Lamble started Be Happy Pie Company eight years ago, and she is proofing, I mean proving, that you can follow your dreams and be successful. Oh, and that pie is always a good idea!


Another milestone for Jenny and her baking minions is having a brick-and-mortar storefront for six years. That is a true testament to the quality of their products and the loyal customer base on Evansville's West Side.

Happy Update: Hot Out of the Oven

Our friend Jenny Lamble's vision for The Be Happy Pie Company was born from the desire to do something that made her happy. That happiness is spreading, and that is good news for Evansville.

Photo: Canva | BE HAPPY PIE CO
Photo: Canva | BE HAPPY PIE CO
You asked and we listened…which is why we are SO excited to announce we are officially opening a 2nd location on the east side of Evansville! We got the keys this week and snuck over there to lay out some plans and check out our new spot! More coffee and tea options will be available on the east side! Construction will start in the coming weeks and we hope to open our doors in January 2024. Thank you to all of our family, friends, customers, and supporters. We could not have done it without your continued support throughout the years. We cannot wait to bake for you! Keep checking social media for updates as construction begins and we get closer to opening our 2nd location.
Be Happy Pie Company - EAST
6225 E Virginia St
Suite C
Evansville, IN 47715

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