Attention Bar-B-Q Fritos fans! This is not a drill!

If you've been a listener of mine for any amount of time, you know of my love for Bar-B-Q Fritos corn chips (and if you didn't, you do now). They're mix of salty and tangy barbecue flavor make them the best tasting chip ever created in my opinion. You cannot and will not change my mind. It is my proverbial hill I will die on. When I was growing up, they were a constant presence in the chip aisle at Tri-State grocery stores, then, all of sudden they weren't. Turns out there weren't enough of us that loved them, so Frito Lay quit making them. Apparently we're out numbered by the Chili Cheese Fritos crowd. They did make a brief comeback in May of 2020 to provide a faint glimmer of light in an otherwise hellish year as part of a special summer promotion that served as a fundraiser for a national veteran's organization. But that only lasted a few weeks, leaving us fans to wonder how long we'd have to wait to see them again, or if we ever would. It looks like that wait is over.

While making my regular weekly trip to get groceries for the week, I stumbled upon the display pictured above at Schnuck's in Newburgh. It wasn't near the aisle with the other chips, it was on the corner of the aisle where they keep the Asian and Hispanic foods which I thought was strange. Even stranger, there we none on the shelf in the chip aisle. From what I could see this display was the only place in the entire store to find them, and I almost didn't find them there.

See, I had no intention of ending up at Schnuck's when I left the house to go shopping, but when I couldn't find a few things on my list at the other two places I go to get groceries, I stopped by there to see if they had them.

I actually walked right past the Asian/Hispanic aisle at first because I didn't need anything from it. But, I remembered we had about half a bottle of teriyaki sauce left (my 14-year-old daughter puts it on everything), so I turned around to see if they had the kind she liked (they didn't). That's when I saw the display. Was it fate or a higher power that led to the discovery? I don't know, but I appreciate whatever it was that made me turn around.

The question now becomes, how long will they be around this time? Is this another limited time thing, or is it possible this could be a little test to see how well they sell this time around to help Frito Lay decide whether or not to bring them back permanently? So many questions, so few answers.

Whatever the reason, I plan on snatching up as many bags as I can while they're here, and if you're a fan too, I suggest you do the same.

If you happen to find them at another store, shoot me an e-mail and let me know.


I've received two e-mails from listeners who said they found them at Circle K convenience store on the corner of Highway 41 and Lynch, as well as Thornton's on Bellemeade Avenue.


I've been informed by a local grocery industry insider the return is temporary. My insider did not say how long they'd be around this time, however they will be back in May, so get them while you can.

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