Tears come to me very easily these days. I often find myself tearing up in my car or the shower, when I'm alone. The world is hurting right now and I feel every bit of it. Between caring for the well being of my fellow human beings and being worried about my son, who is immune compromised in the midst of a global pandemic, I've had lot of really bad days. But then, stories like this come along, and my eyes well up with happy tears..

I met Drew many years ago, through his mom, Crystal and his little brother, Chase. I was immediately drawn to Drew because he reminds me, so much, of my oldest son, Mason. Drew is a miracle child. After being diagnosed with Autism at age 3, the doctor told Drew's  mom that he would probably never be able to communicate, never speak, no less go to school.

Well, that didn't set well with his mom, so she set out to change all of that. With the help of his wonderful mother and father, this young man has done all of those things and more. Plus, he's gained the love of an entire community. He was even on the basketball team and has been my special co-host on our morning radio show.

Like most of us, Drew has really struggled during the pandemic, but his Autism amplifies his anxiety. The changes in routine have been traumatic for Drew. Every day is difficult for Drew and his family. He has trouble understanding WHY this is happening, WHY things have to be so different and WHY he is unable to go to school.

He loves Christmas and THAT will never change. But, in years past he has been able to visit Santa and tell him what he wants to find under the tree Christmas morning. This year, he can't do that. So, his mom reached out to Santa with a special request.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 1.57.08 PM
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 1.58.47 PM

Here is a video of a visit with Santa, when Drew and his brother were little, that involved the sign language she's talking about.

Since then, Drew and his family have visited Santa every year.

Crystal Hebner
Crystal Hebner

The video that Santa sent is wonderful and it gives us all hope for this Christmas and better times ahead.

Thank you, Santa, for making this video for Drew. I know it made him feel better. It made me feel better too.

Thank you for never letting us down, Santa, and always being there when we need you, especially in our darkest days. Your spirit and the spirit of Christmas is a blessing to us and it always will be. THAT will never change.

Merry Christmas.

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