Okay, I worry about my kids.  Not constantly, mind you.  But, I have a right as a loving, caring mom to be VERY concerned about my children's welfare and safe being, right?  Especially, if involves Hurricane Irma! 

guitar player, Eric Wormsbaker - Deb Turner's son
Hayley & Eric; credit by Deb Turner

You've probably heard me talk about my kids. Parents seem to do that.  I have 2 of my own - 6 all together with our blended family.   My youngest is Eric, a musician, who lives in Miami, Florida. While Hurricane Irma was brewing in the Caribbean, I was speaking with him about considering packing up and leaving Miami asap!  This discussion was on Tuesday this week.  He was concerned, but, told me that he'd be okay!  Ugh.

Well, thankfully, he changed his mind early Wednesday morning and took off with most of his belongings, all his valuables, his dog, and my daughter-in-law and got out of Florida!  Yes!  I can stop worrying!  At least for now.

I'm so relieved  that he and my daughter-in-law (and dog, too) are not in Miami or any part of Florida and is closer to home.  I do pray for everyone in Florida and everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma.  It sounds like it's gonna do a lot of damage.  #PrayingForEveryoneInThePathOfHurricaneIrma