Today, I dropped in on the Little Dreamers Childcare for two reasons!  The 1st reason:  the daycare listens to My 105.3 and the 2nd reason:  the children made Thanksgiving ornaments for our studio Holiday tree at My 105.3!  

We'd like to thank Brittney Glass and all the wonderful ladies who dedicate themselves to teaching and taking care of very young children at the Little Dreamers Childcare located on North Boeke in Evansville.

Pictured:  Brittney Glass, Kristen Purdue, and Allie Burris

Little Dreamers Childcare Evansville
Little Dreamers Childcare Evansville

We will have a video of the children making Thanksgiving ornaments coming soon on our website and on our mobile app.  So be sure to check back!

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**** My 105.3 will be needing Christmas decorations for our studio Holiday tree after the Thanksgiving holiday is over!   If you know of a classroom that would be willing to make some decorations, please contact Deb Turner at 812-425-4226, x - 356.

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