A 13-year-old North Middle School student was arrested on Tuesday for posting threats towards North Middle School and Cedar Hall students on Snapchat.

According to officials, this student alerted teachers to threats that she saw online. Come to find out, she was the one that posted those threats.

A statement from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office:

The Sheriff’s Office began an investigation on Monday, February 19, 2018 after staff at North Junior High School were alerted to a threatening Snapchat post circulating among the student body. The post stated, "North Junior high kids your next be ready I’m coming wit my crew and I`m killing at least 25 people tomorrow watch". The student who alerted a teacher to the post was later revealed to be the source of the threat.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office tracked the post back to a residence in the Jacobsville area of Evansville’s north side. The daughter of the homeowner was found to be a North Junior High School student and identified as the same person who alerted school staff to the existence of the post to begin with. During an interview, the juvenile admitted to creating the Snapchat post. She had no reason or justification for her actions.

The juvenile was later interviewed by an Evansville Police Department detective regarding threats directed towards Cedar Hall Community School. The juvenile admitted to sending threatening Snapchat posts to students at Cedar Hall using the same Snapchat account used to threaten North Middle School.

In a prepared statement, Sheriff Dave Wedding explained “Posting threats on social media and directing intimidating language towards fellow students is not a joke. It’s not funny and it’s not clever. The Sheriff’s Office will vigorously pursue charges against anyone who threatens the safety of a school.” Sheriff Wedding added, “Parents need to talk to their children right now about this issue. If you don’t have confidence that your child understands what is at stake, then it is time to take away your child’s smartphone.”

The juvenile was transported to the Youth Care Center and will make an appearance in juvenile court tomorrow. She has been preliminarily charged with Intimidation as a Level 6 Felony and Disorderly Conduct as a Class B Misdemeanor. The Evansville Police Department will file additional charges later tomorrow morning.



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