Every year we share information about where your toy donations go during our Annual 911 Gives Hope for The Holidays Toy Drive. Locals kids that are in the hospital receive these toys, to lift their spirits and provide a little distraction during a stressful time.

Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin shared his personal memory of being in the hospital as a child, and how getting some Hot Wheels cars made it so much better. After hearing his story, Amber Santana sent Chief Bolin her story about her son receiving a toy from the 911 Gives Hope Toy Drive.

"I shared a story on the radio earlier with My 1053 WJLT about remembering being in the hospital when I was little and had bronchitis. What I really remember is how excited I was to get hot wheels as a gift. I said I didn’t know if they would still excite a kid today. Amber Renee Santana sent me the following, so I think we have our answer:

Oh my gosh, so I’m just hearing your story on the radio about hot wheels and totally forgot that I never told you and Phil that Landen had to get stitches on his lip from falling off the monkey bars at school.

He was stuck probably 20 times with a needle to numb it before we just had to all pin him down to get the stitches. Most traumatic moment of all of our lives. I’m sobbing, he’s sobbing, Karen is trying to care for all of us- CHAOS!!

If you ask him today about getting those stitches ALL he would talk about is the 5 pack of hot wheels the nurse brought him when it was over! So thankful for 911 gives hope! Excited to support this weekend!!"

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