Anytime our local news stations post stories on social media, there are always a handful of online fights that break out. I will admit, I am one of those people that are just here for the comments, so bring on the popcorn. But this week our community has suffered an awful tragedy, and some of the comments I've read have made me downright angry.


You Know What Happens When You Assume

Even days after the explosion that took three lives, people are still making assumptions about what caused the house in the 1000 block of North Weinbach in Evansville to explode. I'm sharing some of the social media comments that stood out to me as being very insensitive.

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Eyewitness News Facebook Page

"Only other thing I can think of is a meth explosion" - Marty Byrd Hill
"Anyone saying this is a meth lab explosion has OBVIOUSLY never seen a meth lab explosion. Go back to your closets." - Mark Douglas
Keep in mind, that this public conversation happened two days after the explosion. Friends and family members of Charles Hite, Martina Hite, and Jessica Teague are still trying to process the fact that they died in this explosion.


 Conspiracies and Politics

You really can't read through a spirited Facebook thread like this one and not find at least one person who really has their finger on the pulse of political conspiracy theories.

"ATF, HLS, don't investigate gas leaks people. I'm thinking this explosion was meant to go off elsewhere. Evansville federal Court house is a very desirable target for the trumpians. FBI, US MARSHALS, and Federal Judges." - Troy Hamner


Everybody's a Critic

Unless you have been in a public position where you have to speak live on camera, and field questions from the media, you should keep your critics to yourself. Fire Chief Connelly did deliver the information in each press conference the same way. He stuck to the facts and didn't dance around any of the reporters' questions.

"Chief needs to lose the helmet and the turnout gear... he also needs to stop regurgitating the same info at every briefing and just stick to new information available since the previous news briefing"...Steve Lessman

Oh, and much like any official agency, when speaking on camera, he is probably required to wear his helmet. He is also reporting from an active scene where he is working, there is no wardrobe change just to speak to the media.


Rant Over

Ok, actually I could go on for days about the insane comments from residents right here in Evansville on Facebook news pages. Yes, we would like to know what caused this tragedy. Some people just want someone to blame, I just want to know so that this type of explosion doesn't happen again.

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