One of the most recognizable songs from the 80s comes from Norwegian pop stars A-Ha. Everyone knows "Take On Me"...but this version is almost unrecognizable.

I think it's safe to say that only die-hard fans could name one other song from A-Ha. I can't think of one. They are, by definition, a one-hit wonder. But that one hit is a doozy! Even if you know know the words (and most of us don't) you can still hum along to that open synth riff, that melody, that chorus, and of course that high note.

Don't ask how I stumbled across this gem because I really don't remember. I'm sure it happened while I was down one of those infamous YouTube rabbit holes. I'm glad I did though. Just imagine being famous for one song, and you've been playing that one song for over 30 years. I gotta think you get tired of playing you want to change things up a bit. A-Ha certainly did change things up with this deconstructed, acoustic, live version from 2017. Pretty doggone impressive! Bra jobba folkens! (That's a little Norwegian).

For the sake of comparison, here is the original...

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