Regardless of whatever he ends up doing for the rest of his life, Alfonso Ribeiro will always be know as Carlton, and he will always be known for the dance he made famous on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The 'Carlton Dance' has become a household name over the years and has become even more well known thanks to the online video game Fortnite. It's one of many dances that have become super popular because of Fortnite.

Apparently Ribeiro feels like he should be compensated for the use of 'his' dance. He is suing Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Even though the Fortnite dance is called 'Fresh' it is clearly referencing the 'Carlton'. Although Fortnite is a free game, players can spend money to purchase more of these celebratory Fortnite is making money off of the various dances. [Source: NBCNews]

But does Alfonso Ribeiro own the rights to a dance move? I reckon we'll find out. And he's not the only one suing Epic games.  Rapper 2 Milly is suing the game for using his 'Milly Rock' dance, and the Backpack Kids is suing over use of his dance 'The Floss.'

Experts aren't sure if these lawsuits have legs (pun very much intended). In Ribeiro's case, even though he created the dance, it was done so as a character on a TV program. So, my guess is that the owners of the show actually would have any kind of copyrights. I would think anything created for that show technically belongs to them. Sorry Fonzy!

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