Picture this:

You’re a young kid, it’s Friday night, your best friend is coming over, and your mom just said that she would take you to the video store.  Feeling nostalgic, yet?  I know I am.

There was something so cool about going to Blockbuster or Family video when you were young.  You had all these movies to choose from and you couldn’t wait to stay up until midnight watching them all.  (Because, remember, pulling an all-nighter back then was being awake at 12 a.m.) Sadly, those days are long gone and now we just mindlessly scroll through Netflix trying to find our next binge session.

The reason I am bringing this up is that it has been announced that the Family Video in Newburgh will be closing its doors.  They have already started selling off movies, video games, and other items.  With the Newburgh location being one of the last remaining Family Videos/video rental stores in the area, it feels like the end of an era.

Now, I know that most video rentals places have been closed for a while.  I think there may be one Blockbuster left on the planet?  Anyway, it’s crazy to think that eventually we probably won’t have video stores to rent from movies from at all.  Seeing that the Newburgh Family Video is closing has me thinking of all those trips to rent movies as a kid.  I’m even old enough to remember getting VHS tapes that you had to make sure were rewound before you put them in the return slot.  Those were the days.

As a kid, nothing was better than knowing that your best friend or group of friends was coming over and you got to go to the video store to pick out the evening‘s entertainment.  Or, as in the case of me and my friends, the source of our next imaginary battle.  Yes, we reenacted a lot of fight scenes we saw in movies…don’t judge.

So, here’s to all those memories that were created from a simple trip to the video store on a Friday night.

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