We are only six days into August and have already seen not one, but three different articles about pumpkin spice products.  Can we pump the brakes on this, please?  Don't get me wrong I enjoy anything pumpkin spice as much as the next person but not when it's still 90 degrees outside.

So far I have seen pumpkin spice cookies, marshmallows and the beloved Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte potentially being rolled out by the end of the month.  I mean I feel like I've barely had time to enjoy my summer shandies.  I'm just not ready to switch over yet.  Again,  I love the stuff but in due time.  Anyway, I am going to propose my own "official" start date for when it is time to roll out all things fall/pumpkin spice related.

In my humble opinion I think that going full fledged fall should start happening around September 21st.  Why?  Mainly because we get to enjoy holding on to summer a little bit longer but also start anticipating the arrival of fall all at the same time.  Basically the best of both worlds.  Sounds pretty nice, right?

Now I know that here in the Tri-State it may not start feeling like fall outside until mid October.  But for me, the end of September and beginning of October is fall time.  You can put the shorts up and finally start wearing jeans comfortably.  Or keep the shorts and toss on a nice cozy flannel to go out in.  As you can tell I'm a guy who likes compromise.

I may be wrong on this and the end of August is the perfect time to go all in on the fall.  However, I think waiting a only month longer just works better.  This is also coming from someone who hasn't had seen a true fall in over two years.  Trust me, I'm ready for it but I'm more than happy to enjoy what's left of this summer.

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