Over the past couple of years, there is one clothing item/accessory has that made a huge comeback.  That would be the fanny pack.  For some reason, we have decided once again that carrying a fanny pack around our waist is the cool thing to do.  Which, in all fairness, it is a convenient way of carrying small nick-nacks around.  But I think we may be getting a little too carried away with what we are putting in our fanny packs.

Stouffer’s, yes Stouffer’s, has recently started their own food-themed apparel line.  So, what is the big item they are kicking off their line with?  An insulated fanny pack that is perfect for storing and carrying around your food.  More specifically, it is designed to tote around your left-over lasagna.  I swear I’m not making this up.

This fanny pack is designed to keep your Stouffer’s lasagna warm from the time you heat it up in the microwave before you head off to work until you sit down for lunch.  Thank goodness.  I mean who has the time to worry about packing an old-fashioned lunch box then put it in the break room refrigerator?  Now, you can just heat up the lasagna at home, put in in your fanny pack, and head off to work.  You’ll be stylish and smell like baked pasta.  It’s a two for one kind of deal.

Stouffer’s is also set to sell other food-themed items on their website starting November 17.  Did someone say Christmas wish-list?

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