I didn't realize that this was a thing but happy National Power Ranger Day! So, you've learned some cool facts about the Power Rangers thanks to Liberty.  Well, that got me thinking about all the years I watched and loved that show.  From Mighty Morphin' to Dino Thunder I was hooked.  So hooked that that's all I wanted to be as a kid...literally.

I wanted all the Mega Zord toys and replica toy weapons I could get my hands on.  I spent a lot of hours fighting imaginary bad guys in the backyard.  Luckily, I had close friends I could recruit to help me stop the "forces of evil".  Those were some good times.  However, I wanted it to be real so bad.

For some reason it just never seemed to happen.  Until one night I was given a chance to make it real.  (Well, in my six-year old head I thought I could)  One night my family was having dinner.  Chicken, I believe it was.  After the meal was over were picking through the whole chicken and we got to the wishbone. (You see where this is going)  So, mom tells me that if I could break off the bigger piece of the bone I would be able to make a wish.

I'm pretty sure she let me win but I was able to snag the bigger piece.  Boom.  I was able to make one wish.  What was this wish going to be?  I could wish for anything.  Anything at all.  This was my chance!  I held the wish bone close to me and under my breath I said, "I wish I could be a real Power Ranger."

Everyone at the table was very curious to know what I wished for.  We all know that you can't reveal those kinds of secrets.  Otherwise, the wish doesn't come true.  I kept this thought to myself and just waited for the day that I would be whisked away to the Command Center to take my place as a super hero.  Hey, I was six and was convinced that one day it would happen.

Sadly, that day never came and it still hasn't.  Rats.  I still laugh at how seriously I took making that wish.  It's the beauty of being a little kid and thinking literally anything could happen.  Hey, you never know.  I could possibly, maybe still holding on to a little bit of hope.

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