I love seeing good news about businesses, we certainly see enough of the bad stuff. This nice story was shared on Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s Facebook page from Samantha Kerkstra:

Bethany, a manager in front area that was working yesterday deserves praise!

When we arrived & went to the measuring area so we knew what my kids could ride (and not), she was called by another employee to help with my son.

We are originally from Orlando, Fl and were season pass holders for many years to Universal/Islands of Adventure. Every time we went it was a dreaded task to find out what the employee working that day would decide he could ride. They had no efficient way of measuring his height and would often require us to just pick him up, holding him against the height marker. As soon as she saw my son, she knew how to measure him properly - even though his body is very contorted from his paralysis.

I cannot explain how amazing the staff at the park (and esp Bethany) was on our trip yesterday. No employees gave us any troubles about his wheelchair, lack of ability to wear proper shoes or that he looks much shorter than he really is because of the contortions of his body. Yesterday was one of the most pleasurable days at a theme park we have ever had because of the amazing employees!

Because of Bethany’s proper training of how to measure a paralyzed person my son was able to ride almost every ride and even faced his fear of going on a coaster! Thank you all so much for making wheelchair accessibility so easy in the park!

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