I know that visiting Walt Disney World the week of Christmas is not everyone's tea cup, but it's one of my favorite times to go. Why would we want to leave our hometown this close to Christmas? I have many reasons, here are just a few...

1. No Fighting Over Who Is Cooking

I don't have to be stressed out about not getting the chance to cook for everyone on Christmas. I actually love to do that, but there is usually some sort of drama involved. Solution: Have Chef Mickey cook all the food! Character meals are my favorite, but I will also be visiting Chicken Guy at Disney Springs.

Meet our personal chef, his name is Mickey LOL!

2. Guaranteed Plans

I get really excited, and over plan things in my head for the holidays...We'll go to this person's house, and go here & do that. In reality, none of that actually pans out, and I'm usually down about it. Solution: Make Fast Pass plans! I know that we will be doing these activities at these times. Planned fun, my favorite!

I love that we will not have to wait as long for these attractions!

3. Christmas is Literally Everywhere

We used to live in Orlando, and one of the perks, was the chance to see all of the resorts decorated for Christmas! There are trees, gingerbread houses, and even the characters are dresses for the holidays.

Throwback to 2009! We were all babies. Photo: Liberty

4. Disney Springs

Formerly Downtown Disney, Disney Springs is one of our favorite places to visit. Sure, it's mostly just shops, but there's Disney Magic in the air, and there is a year-round Christmas store, a Lego store, and World of Disney, that has some exclusive items.

Just a few of my purchases from a past last trip. Photo: Liberty

5. Making New Memories, Recreating Old Ones

These pictures explain number 5 very well. I tried to pose Doug & Chase exactly the same, during our trip earlier this year. Adorable.

Doug & Chase 2009 & 2017 Photo: Liberty







6. Disney Photo Pass

I love that Disney has Cast Members that can capture candid moments like this one, of our family. Belle was admiring the cool invention of the portable fan LOL! She stayed in character the entire time.

Belle had never seen such a thing!

9. Mickey Mouse

Chase has loved Mickey every since the day he was born! Just look at his face. Meeting the characters never gets old.

Chase at Animal Kingdom
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